IMAX Brings 3D Movie Experience to Bryan-College Station

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Imagine leaning sideways in a jet with Tom Cruise in Top Gun, feeling the hot breath of a rogue T-Rex in Jurassic Park or diving deep with an oceanic documentary. For Bryan-College Station residents, seeing becomes believing on May 1, when construction of the new IMAX 3D theatre begins.

In collaboration with the Bryan Business Council, the City of Bryan and IMAX Corporation, Premiere Cinema will undergo a multi-million renovation and expansion of its current theatre, making Bryan only one of only a handful of cities in Texas - and the only city under 200,000 residents - to have an IMAX 3D theatre. In addition, Premiere will own the franchise for IMAX, making this theatre the one and only IMAX in Bryan-College Station.

"We are excited to welcome IMAX to the City of Bryan," says Dennis Goehring, executive director of the Bryan Business Council. "The IMAX experience will bring a whole new entertainment value to our residents and neighbors."

An official announcement detailing the new IMAX project will take place on Wednesday, May 1, at 1:00 p.m., in the Premiere Cinema lobby and will include representatives from Premiere Cinema, Bryan Business Council and the City of Bryan.

IMAX currently has approximately 700 theatres in 52 countries, and is known for its huge curved screens and educational documentaries.

Premiere Cinema first came to Bryan in 2006, and since then has continued to make advances in viewer experience. The new IMAX screen features cutting-edge ability in sound, projection and a 3D technology to immerse the audience in the action. Construction plans include converting two of Premiere's existing theatres into one exceptionally wide auditorium to make room for the massive five-story IMAX screen and 350 reclining leather seats.

"Premiere's IMAX 3D screen will be the only one within a 90-mile radius," says Kevin Russell, director of planning and development for the City of Bryan. "We hope it draws families, schools and the area's nearly 60,000 college students."

In addition to the screen, Premiere will install a Starbucks, a fireside wine and beer bar, and an in-auditorium dining option through their restaurant, Backstage Bistro.

"The bar has definitely been raised for movie-going excellence in Bryan-College Station," says Premiere Vice President Joel Davis.

The Bryan Business Council played an integral role in negotiating a half-million loan for the project, consisting of 5 percent interest over a period of 60 months. Although no funds from City of Bryan taxpayers were included, the new IMAX 3D theatre is guaranteed to add value to the Bryan-College Station community.