Police: Infant in Critical Condition after Being Shaken and Dropped by his Father

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A five month old remains in the hospital tonight and his father in jail accused of violently shaking and dropping the infant because he wouldn't stop crying. News 3 obtained the audio from the 911 call which leaves Sheriff’s investigators asking questions.

It's an emotionally devastating outcome...

“The baby had been sick. He was tired and the baby had been crying a lot,” said Madisonville Police Chief, C.W. “Chuck” May. “I guess his patience got thin and he was exhausted.”

Dispatch: “911 what's your emergency?”

An unidentified, distraught female calls 911 for help.

Caller: “My baby isn't breathing and his lips are turning blue."

Then for unknown reasons, the caller hangs up, but when dispatch calls back someone else answers the phone.

Caller {Douglas Bellmore Jr.]: “…Yeah.”
Dispatch: “This is Madison County Dispatch what is your address?”
Caller: “Mimosa Street, Please, my wife is at work.”

The 911 caller you now hear is 24-year old Douglas Richard Bellmore Junior. In the 911 audio Bellmore initially denies knowing what prompted his sick 5-month old to stop breathing.

“He picked the baby up and gave him some medicine and he apparently wouldn't stop crying,” said Chief May.

Paramedics arrived on scene within minutes of the 911 call. Chief May says it took paramedics nearly an hour to resuscitate the infant. Due to his condition, he was air lifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston. Child Protective Services was called to investigate -- and according to police - after further questioning Bellmore confessed he shook his baby boy.

"He picked the baby up and he kept crying and so he shook it," said Chief May.

But police say the abuse didn't stop there.

“He stated that when he was holding the baby he lost his grip and the baby fell to the floor and he hit its head," said Chief May.

In addition to several other injuries, the five-month-old sustained severe bleeding to the brain and fractures to his neck.

"I don't care how well trained you are or how seasoned you are as a police officer, when you see a child not breathing it's going to emotionally take its toll on you," said Chief May. "We hope this child will survive without any injuries that would cause him to not be a full-fledged member of our society.”

Bellmore was arrested 43 hours after the incident and remains in the Madison County Jail.

We're told Bellmore moved to Madisonville in May from Katy, where he dropped out of a cadet program with the West Houston Fire Department. He remains in jail on a $20,000 surety bond.