Inmate Still Missing After Escaping On March 17

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UPDATE: The search continues for an accused bank robber who escaped March 17 from the Montgomery County Jail.

Investigators believe Britt Privatte could still be in the Conrow/Montgomery County area seeking help from friends and acquaintances.

Privatte is considered dangerous.

Anyone with information to help capture him should call the Montgomery County Sheriff's office immediately and a $5000 award is being given for information leading to his arrest and capture.



The search continues for an accused bank robber who escaped Sunday from the Montgomery County Jail.

Britt Privatte is considered to be dangerous and was last seen in South Conroe Monday night. He is believed to be wearing blue jeans and might be barefoot.

Though it is not certain that Privatte remains in the area residents, business owners and motorist in the southern part of Conroe should continue to immediately report suspicious persons and/or activity to local authorities.

There is currently a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to Privatte's arrest. Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is warning the public to use caution and watch for any suspicious activity.

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