Interstate Traffic South of Dallas at Standstill

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DALLAS (AP) The Texas Department of Public Safety says traffic on Interstate 45 south of Dallas is at a standstill with vehicles backed up for at least 15 miles.

DPS Sgt. Lonny Haschel says sleet and ice that fell on North Texas roadways prevented tractor-trailers on northbound I-45 from ascending steeper parts of the interstate. With the big rigs blocking portions of the roadway, traffic quickly backed up. He says the standstill extends from Corsicana south to the Streetman/Fairfield area in Freestone County.

There are reports of some motorists being stuck on I-45 since Sunday night.

Authorities say other interstates also have significant backups. DPS Trooper Jean Dark says extra troopers are patrolling Interstate 20 near Tyler in East Texas to check on motorists.