Investigators: Gang Retaliation Behind Gory Murder in Walker County

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HOUSTON Walker County investigators have arrested a second person in connection with the murder of a 16- year-old boy.

KHOU 11 news shot exclusive video Friday of two men from El Salvador charged in the murder.

Both men told reporter told reporter Vicente Arenas they did not know anything about the killing, or the victim.

However, investigators said they have evidence linking both men to the crime.

Klein Forest High School sophomore Josael Guevara’s body was found in the Sam Houston National Forest near Huntsville late last month.

Deputies arrested 22-year-old Christian Zamora shortly after the murder at his home, which is located north of the forest.

The second suspect, Jose Bonilla - Romero was arrested by the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force in southwest Houston.

Cpt. Tim Whitecotton said the motive was retaliation.
The suspects and the victim have been identified as MS 13 gang members.

The men denied any affiliation with the gang when they were questioned by KHOU 11 News reporter Vicente Arenas.

Officers said they found the murder weapon - a machete - at the home of the first suspect in Walker County.

Machetes are often used by MS 13 gang members, officials said.

Officers with the Houston Police Department’s Major Offenders Unit and the Texas Rangers are also helping with the investigation that covers a big area in Southeast Texas.

Officers said there may be other arrests in the case.