Investigators Release Dash Cam Footage of Houston Murder Suspect

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New information has surfaced in the search for a Houston-area murder suspect who had been hiding out in Leon County. 29-year-old Colt Morgan, who's accused of brutally murdering his girlfriend, was nearly arrested in Buffalo a week ago, but got away.

Monday afternoon the Leon County Sheriff's Office held a news conference and released dash cam video of Morgan. And law enforcement believes that video is crucial in finding him.

Investigators don't know if he's still in Leon County, but that's not stopping them from doing everything they can to find him. Colt Morgan might still be on the run, but investigators say they're leaving no stone unturned and joining forces with agencies across the state to catch the accused murderer.

Dash cam video released this afternoon during the press conference shows Morgan getting into an altercation with the Buffalo cop, pulling out a pistol and then fleeing the scene.

Take a look in the dash cam video just released Monday afternoon where you can see a Buffalo Police Officer questioning Morgan, trying to identify him. The officer then asks Morgan to place his hands on the cop car; however Morgan tries to pull a pistol out of his waistband.

The two then get into a physical struggle and that's when the fugitive head-butts the officer.

A Taser is pulled and Morgan is then hit, however Sheriff Kevin Ellis says as Morgan fell forward, the prongs of the Taser fell off and that's when Morgan ran away.

Another development came in just a few days ago after investigators discovered a makeshift shelter made of plastic garbage bags, twine and duct tape, south of Buffalo Texas along train tracks.
They believe it's where the fugitive has been hiding; and we're also told at least two campfires were built in that area as well.

This is what 29-year-old Colt Morgan looked like just four weeks ago -- he's been on the run since -- and as you can imagine, investigators say his appearance has changed quite a bit. In fact, Morgan now has darker looking and a full, dark scruffy beard.

He was last seen wearing black military-style pants, a toboggan and black combat boots and a gray coat.
Aside from being pulled over, the fugitive has been spotted at Brookshire Brothers and he even reportedly applied for a job at Pizza Hut.

While it remains unclear if he's still in the area or not -- authorities are leaving no stone unturned and partnering with other law enforcement agencies to catch the suspect.