Investigators Show Pictures Holmes Took in Advance of Shooting

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CENTENNIAL, Colo. - Prosecutors in Colorado have displayed photos that they say James Holmes took of himself and his arsenal in the hours before last July's movie theater attack in suburban Denver.

The photos were introduced near the end of a preliminary hearing aimed at determining whether prosecutors have enough evidence to put Holmes on trial. A ruling is expected by Friday. Defense lawyers chose to call no witnesses.

The cell phone photos include one of Holmes sticking his tongue out. On either side of his head are curls of red hair protruding up that look like horns. Police say Holmes wore black contact lenses at the time the photo was taken.

In another, he is grinning at the camera, his orange hair fully displayed. The muzzle of one of his Glock pistols is below his face.

There's also a photo showing his bed. Among the items on the bed are a tactical vest, magazines for his weapons, a gas mask, a ballistic helmet, an assault rifle and a shotgun.

Prosecutors also showed pictures they say Holmes took of the movie theater where the shooting took place, starting about a month before the massacre. The first one shows an exit door that looks like the one police say Holmes propped open on the night of the shooting.