Iraq Christians Flee with Little More Than Clothes

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IRBIL, Iraq - Iraqi Christians who fled the northern city of Mosul rather than convert to Islam by a deadline imposed by extremist militants said they had to leave most of their belongings behind, and gunmen then stole much of what they managed to take with them.

Most Christians fled to the largely autonomous Kurdish region after the Islamic State group and other Sunni militants captured Mosul on June 10 - the opening move in the insurgents' blitz across northern and western Iraq.

Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf says the following Sunday was the first one in 1600 years without a Christian Mass in Mosul.

The number of Christians in Mosul dwindled further after the militants gave them a deadline of last Saturday to convert to Islam, pay a tax or face death.

In a House floor speech Tuesday, Wolf called the attacks on Iraqi Christians "genocide" and a crime against humanity.