Jeff Gordon's Race Car Getting Aggie Look For Texas Race

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas Texas A&M will get exposure soon on a less formal national stage, the race track.

A former student in the A&M College of Engineering is ponying up the money to change NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon's ride into a maroon and white Aggie race car at the Texas Motor Speedway in April.

News 3 has a look at what it will look like.

It's a ride Aggies will love.

NASCAR Driver Jeff Gordon's number 24 race car will get an Aggie makeover for the Sprint Cup Race at the Texas Motor Speedway this April.

The car will be maroon with a Texas A&M College of Engineering logo.

Jamie Thomas is an Engineering Student and was just finding out about it.

"I really like it. Always been a fan of Jeff Gordon. Started watching him back in '01 actually with my family and I'm really happy that he's doing that for us," said Thomas.

Charles Shaver is a 1980 graduate of the Texas A&M Engineering School and Chairman and CEO of Axalta Coating Systems of Philadelphia.

He's paying for the publicity.

"We just thought it was a great opportunity to showcase in real life first of all to engineering students what they really do, and the importance of engineering and motor sports and in-car engineering," said Charles Shaver by phone.

While he didn't say how much the color change or sponsorship is costing, he said he's excited to promote his alma mater.

Not only will Jeff Gordon's car have an Aggie look to it but you'll see a lot of maroon and white on race day.

"His fire suit is going to be custom for that day it's maroon and white and his entire pit crew will be wearing Aggie maroon and white," said

Marilyn Martell is a Senior Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications for Texas A&M College of Engineering.

She says Shaver is also paying for 20 students to go to Fort Worth for race weekend as members of a pit crew.

"I think a lot of people may not understand how much engineering is involved in racing and in these cars, every aspect of it, the safety of the track, so it really goes hand and hand with engineering," said Martell.

A 200 mile an hour rolling billboard millions will see coming soon.

The Sprint Cup Race will be Sunday, April 6th in Fort Worth, and one to two backup race cars will also be painted maroon and white.

Texas A&M College of Engineering officials say the university is not paying for any of the promotion.