Jefferson Award Winners Honored for Outstanding Public Service

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Four local volunteers were honored Tuesday night for their outstanding public service during the 2013 Jefferson Awards.

Lylabeth King was chosen to represent Bryan-College Station in Washington D.C. at the upcoming national Jefferson Awards ceremony.

The three other Jefferson Award winners included; Barron Hobbs, Nettie Clay and Tedi Ellison.

King has been a Bryan resident for going on five decades, and with help and support from another tireless volunteer, her late husband Art, she has spent years helping many groups, including the Salvation Army-from helping Katrina refugees to helping found the Women's Auxiliary.

"I've just always liked to help people and I feel like God gave me a heart to serve and so I'm really not happy unless I am helping someone," King said.

Hobbs's name is synonymous with two big things: the Hilton, and selflessly serving others. He's helped and served a number of local groups, and when tragedies like the Bonfire collapse and the Brian Bachmann shooting have happened, he's hosted families at the hotel.

"If you want to get out of life what you want, you must first help others get out of life what they want. Then you don't have to worry about Barron Hobbs or anybody else. It will come," Hobbs said.

For those who are ailing in our area, as hospitals provide medicine, Clay has provided comfort and hand-made flowers to countless people. She surely never had met most of the patients, but they'll surely never forget her.

"They're just little arrangements for a dollar and nine cents and I said well who can't afford to cheer someone up with a beautiful flower arrangement like that," Clay said.

Ellison's professional career is with husband Chuck at his law firm, but as a member of numerous boards like the Chamber of Commerce's and the Research Valley Partnership's, you might think her profession was volunteerism. In fact, she was the Chamber's Volunteer of the Year in 2011.

"When much is given, much is expected. I think that you can choose to be a giver or you can choose to be a taker. You gain so much back when you're a giver," Ellison said.