Stray Bullet Hits Jewett Man While Driving

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A Jewett man was hit by a stray bullet as he was driving home from work, according to Leon County Sheriff’s Deputies. It happened Saturday at around 6:45 PM on Highway 79 between Buffalo and Oakwood.

Wade Thomas, 38 years old, amazingly survived the shooting, pulled his car over, then called 911.

“I'm surprised he was able to talk, but he called 9-1-1 then he called his wife,” said Leon County Chief Deputy Brent Walter. “A stray shot came through his passenger side window, hit him here and exited right under this ear and went out the window.”

Thomas' family says he's worked in law enforcement for more than 10 years. He was a Jewett Police Officer, a DPS Trooper in Leon County, and now an officer at the TDCJ Michael Prison Unit.

“He's been a police officer a long time, he used to be one of our troopers. To go through all that and come out unscathed...then get a random bullet driving down the road. That's something,” said Chief Deputy Walter.

Police believe only one shot was fired, but that was enough to shatter both of Thomas' car windows and shatter his jaw. Investigators haven't been able to locate the bullet.

“I think it was a poacher, because he was on property he wasn't supposed to be on,” said Chief Deputy Walter.

Sheriff’s Deputies and Wade Thomas' family think this was most likely an accident.

The Thomas’ just hope sharing their story helps people realize how important hunting safety is, and they also hope someone comes forward.