Johnny Football And Mr. President

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COLLEGE STATION – Johnny Manziel may not have been the most popular person at his pro day. Former President George H.W. Bush stole some of the spotlight.

Bush attended Manziel’s 45-minute workout for NFL scouts.

"I've been to Tim Tebow's, Cam Newton's, all of these guys and I have seen some circuses before,” said ESPN’s Todd McShay. “But his takes the cake. Anytime you get a former president to come to your pro day, you win that battle."

Not only did Manziel get Bush to come to his pro day, he also got to hang out with the former president at his private apartment above the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Manziel, along with his parents, Paul and Michelle, spent some time with the former president and First Lady.

Manziel got quite a laugh when Bush tried to put on an A&M helmet, which did not appear to fit.

Bush’s tweet read “I could have used this helmet in my previous day job.”