Johnny Football Craze Gets a Soundtrack

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Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is the talk of the sports world and now he's got his own soundtrack. Several of them.

Greg "Puntin" Cooks is a Bryan native and a Christian rapper. With over 31,000 hits, his song is a popular performance and his offering to the football Gods.

"Everybody loves it, they love it. I was shocked! I went back to listen to it thinking is it really that good?" joked Cooks.

But if rap isn't your kind of music, don't worry, there's another rendition.

Derec Stanislav is an Aggie grad who's country version of the Johnny Football song has been popular with the country crowd.

It currently has close to 7,000 views.

"Honestly it was a joke. We were just having fun with it and people liked it and it took off," said Stanislav.

But there's one Johnny Football song that's garnered a whole lot of attention.

Lisa Roper from Houston decided to take the 1962 hit Johnny Angel and make it her own.

With 140,000 views, she's gotten about as much attention as Johnny Football himself, and it's really something she wasn't prepared for.

"Frankly if I would have known it would have gone so bonkers, I would have spent a little bit more time on it," said Roper.

It seems putting herself out there for the world to see has created a little bit of buzz, some of it not so nice.

"Well everybody is a critic," said Roper.

Some have panned her performance, but she's got three words for those critics.

"Y'all lighten up," said Roper.

As for her fellow Johnny Football musicians, they appreciate her Aggie anthem.

"I enjoy watching the Johnny Football song," said Puntin singing the chorus with a laugh.

"I mean good for her, she's got a whole lot more courage than I would," said Stanislav.

Just be warned, if folks keep posting those negative comment about her song, Lisa might turn the tables.

"For folks that aren't going to say anything nice, just keep it to yourself. Or I'll sing a song about you," joked Roper.

Puntin the rapper currently has his Johnny Football song available on Amazon and it should be on iTunes shortly.

Derec Stanislav will be releasing a professional music video of his song on YouTube over the next couple of days.

If you'd like to check out the hits, we've got all three of the Johnny Football songs linked below.