‘Johnny Football’ Talks About Handling Sudden Fame

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Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel faced the cameras for the first time since his sudden fame as the start Texas A&M football quarterback.

Media from all over the nation were at the press conference at the Bright Complex on campus.

"It's good to finally give you all a piece of who I am,” said Manziel.

On the field it's safe to say he's unstoppable, and so is Manziel Mania. It’s something he is still getting used to.

"There's a few times after the Alabama game where things really kicked up. A couple of times I thought about changing my phone number. Definitely have to change how you look at things, where you go. Kind of become a home body more,” Manziel said.

When asked about the craziest thing a fan has done he said he saw some people in Scooby Doo costumes at a game. Scooby Doo is the cartoon character Manziel dressed up as for Halloween.

"It is different for me driving around town, and pulling up to a red light and somebody waving to you and being like hey! That's who you are waving at."
Manziel addressed his arrest in June for disorderly conduct and presenting false identification.

"It was a critical mistake in my life and something that I had to learn a lot from. It is something that had its consequences with Coach Sumlin and my teammates and everyone here in Aggieland,” said Manziel.

Back on the field he says he gets his athleticism from his parents.

"My dad still to this day thinks he can beat me in baseball, football golf, ping pong, you name it, he thinks he can beat me in it. He's not bad. He's a scratch golfer, but I think I can take him in everything else."

Manziel is one of the top candidates for the Heisman Trophy. We'll find out if he wins on December 8th when the Heisman trophy winner is announced.