'Johnny Football's' Grandparents Discuss Heisman Nomination

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TYLER (KYTX) -The smell of fried chicken and fresh baked pie fill the room at Loggins restaurant.

Most of the people who eat here have been coming for decades. Over time, they've noticed this wall become all things Texas A&M, with a special tribute to one of the Aggie's most popular players.

"My wife would put a baby bed in the office. He would sleep through the lunch runs while we were working," said Jerry Loggins.

Jerry Loggins is the owner of Loggins restaurant and the grandfather of Aggie's freshman quarterback Johnathan Manziel, or as some people call him, "Johnny Football."

"When he went to Kerrville, The football players started calling him Johnny and Johnny stuck. Then all of sudden comes Johnny Football and I don't think anybody knows where it comes from," said Loggins.

Johnny grew up in Tyler before his family moved to Kerrville six years ago.

"My belief is that God gave him the ability to be the football player he is," said Patricia McNease, family friend.

He was often in this restaurant running around, helping out his favorite waitresses.

"Little Johnny was right there. Susie, I help you. Susie I help you," laughed Susie King, family friend.

His grandfather and everyone who knew him, said his athletic ability, in every sport, has always been better than average.

"He's great at golf, He's wonderful at baseball, He can catch a fish in a heartbeat," explained King.

Now, the talented athlete is adding another success to his list, the possibility of becoming a Heisman trophy winner.

"For me, it would be a dream come true and something I would cherish forever," said Johnny Manziel.

Johnny will be seeking to become Texas A&M's second Heisman trophy winner, and its first since John David Crow took college football's top honor in 1957.