Johnny Heisman Reaction Video Goes Viral

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On Saturday night at around 8 o’clock, people across Texas took out their phones out and recorded the moment when Johnny football officially became Johnny Heisman.

“It was dead silent you could hear a pin drop, there wasn't a single car driving by...and it just exploded,” said Lauren Williams, Aggieland Outfitters Assistant Marketing Director.

Williams said she attended a Heisman Watch Party at Aggieland Outfitters Saturday.

Lisa Klett said she watched the Heisman announcement at home in College Station.

“We felt like if you opened the window to your house, you would have heard the collective whoop all over town,” said Klett.

A Texas A&M student recently created a “Johnny Heisman Reaction” YouTube video showing more than a dozen watch parties across Texas....then uploaded it to youtube.

In less than 24 hours, the video got more than 10,000 views across the country.

“I've watched it at least ten times, I can't get enough of it. I get goose bumps every time I see it, it’s so exciting” said Williams.

People call him Johnny Manziel, Johnny Football, and now Johnny Heisman, but one thing everyone agrees on is he's an Aggie.

The, now viral, YouTube video shows how Johnny Manziel has had a uniting effect on Aggies everywhere.