New Heisman Shirts Hit the Shelves

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Heisman shirts have been flying off the shelves at several apparel stores in College Station. As soon as Manziel's was named the 2012 Heisman winner, stores tore open hundreds of boxes to sell exclusive Texas A&M Heisman shirts.

Aggieland Outfitters has sold nearly 5,000 shirts since the announcement Saturday night. Nearly 4,000 of these shirts were sold via their website after they sold out of shirts in stock at their College Station store on Saturday night.

C.C. Creations and Academy in College Station have also had a hard time keeping Heisman shirts in stock at their stores. If you haven't gotten your Heisman shirt yet, C.C. Creations and Aggieland Outfitters are expecting another shipment of Heisman shirts to arrive mid-week. And that's just the beginning of the Heisman shirt sellout.

Aggieland Outfitters has revealed a new Heisman shirt for sale with the saying, "Heisman Football." The MSC Bookstore on Texas A&M's campus is selling "No Heisman without the Man" shirts in maroon and white.

Shirts at each location run around $25 each.