Jury Awards $27 Million In McDonald’s Lawsuit Over Teens’ Deaths

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BRYAN – A Brazos County jury awarded a $27 million verdict in a civil lawsuit against McDonald’s following the 2012 deaths of two Blinn College students.

Denton James Ward, 18, of Flower Mound, and Lauren Bailey Crisp, 19, of Dripping Springs were killed when they ran a red light at Texas and Holleman Drive. They were on their way to the hospital after being beaten by a mob at the McDonald’s on University Drive.

Their parents claim the deaths could have been avoided if McDonald’s had hired security guards to prevent the fights that had happened regularly over the past year.

“We hope this verdict sends a powerful message to McDonald’s and other companies that protecting customers is more important than late-night revenue,” says attorney Chris Hamilton. “The night these two kids died, this was a dangerous location, and McDonald’s knew it. Yet they did nothing to prevent their senseless deaths.”