Jury Finds Castillo Guilty in Relation to 2010 Shooting Death

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A Bryan man is the last of five members of the Latin Kings to be convicted in relation to the gang-related murder of a Bryan teenager.

22-year-old Jose Castillo was found guilty on both counts of engaging in organized criminal activity and could spend the rest of his life in prison.

News 3 was at the Brazos County Courthouse all day Thursday, and learned the Latin Kings is considered the most violent gang in the community.

Prosecutors said in court the Latin Kings have a history of violence and are responsible for a number of crimes in Brazos County.

It took the the jury of nine women and three men just an hour to convict Jose Castillo of being part of organized crime related to the death a Bryan teenager Christopher Hutchson.

"We the jury find the defendant Jose Castillo guilty of engaging in organized criminal activity," said the jury foreman.

It's a glimmer of closure for Diana Hutchson as she continues to grieve the death of her son Christopher.

The 17-year-old was gunned down near Downtown Bryan by members of the Latin Kings.

"Christmas is almost unbearable because his birthday is Christmas Day," explained Diana Hutchson during the sentencing hearing.

Brazos County Prosecutors painted a picture of the Latin Kings as a pack of wolves.

They attacked Christopher Hutchson as well as his friend Robert Gongora during a gang retaliation.

Gongora was a member of rival gang Vatos Locos. He was beaten but lived.

Prosecutors say the Latin Kings are the most violent gang here and responsible for 45 shootings and 15 aggravated assaults a year in Brazos County.

Prosecutors say the number 2 Latin Kings leader in Bryan, Aldo Guadalupe Hernandez-Ramirez was also there the night of the attack but they can't prove he harmed anyone.

He is in federal custody for coming back to the country illegally.

Castillo was wanted a year.

"The same Jose Castillo that makes sure that nobody speaks ill or crosses the Latin Kings. He's been doing it since he was young and in high school fighting people," said Jarvis Parsons, Brazos County Prosecutor.

"What proof beyond a reasonable doubt did the state provide you that Jose Castillo knew anything about these guns?," asked Defense Attorney Steve Gustitis.

During sentencing testimony, Jose Castillo's mother and girlfriend spoke of his character growing up.

"He would set many goals that were good for school," said Esmerelda Castillo-Ramirez, Jose Castillo's mother, through an interpreter.

"He was just a real person with me than most of the other guys because they would constantly like cheat and he was nothing like that," said Sylvia Gonzalez-Gusman, Jose Castillo's Girlfriend.

Jose Castillo could face five to 99 years in prison now that he's convicted, while the defense is asking the jury to even consider probation.

He's the last of five men convicted who were part of the Latin Kings Gang and conspired to kill Christopher Hutchson.

Sentencing resumes Friday morning at 9:30.

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A Brazos County jury has found 22-year-old Jose Castillo guilty on two
charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.

Castillo is on trial for engaging in organized criminal activity related to the death of 17-year-old Christopher Hutchson.

Hutchson was gunned down outside a home near Downtown Bryan on Mother's Day 2010.

Investigators say Hutchson and a friend were attacked during a gang retaliation.

The sentencing phase began Thursday afternoon. Castillo faces five to 99 years in prison.