Convicted Sex Offender Sentenced To 85 Years In Prison

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BRYAN – A convicted sex offender who brutally attacked a 19-year-old girl is headed back to prison.

On Friday, a jury sentenced Milton Crawford, 52, to 85 years in prison for failing to register his address with the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office. He was required to do so every year since 2000 as part of his release following a 1984 sexual assault.

The girl he attacked took the stand during the punishment phase of the trial. She was living in the Sausalito Apartments in College Station. Crawford asked to use her phone. Once inside, he tore off her clothes and raped her.

The victim testified the struggle lasted for 30 minutes and she thought Crawford was going to kill her. She had never met or seen him before the attack.

Crawford was classified as a High Risk Sex Offender, which means he has to verify his address every year. He failed to do so in March of 2012 and was arrested four months later.

Prosecutors argued the violence of the 1984 sexual assault justified Crawford’s classification and made it that much more dangerous that he was refusing to tell the Sheriff’s Office where he was living. He was also convicted of failing to register in 2007 and 2009.

“The jury recognized that he still represents an active threat to everyone in Brazos County,” said Assistant District Attorney Jason Goss. “The victim’s bravery in testifying about what Crawford did to her 30 years ago ensured that he will not be able to hurt any more people in our community.”