KBTX Story Leads to a Family's Reunion with Beloved Pet

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Tamara Keese and her daughter Cameron have been frantically looking for their cat Pearl.

"My daughter fell in love with the cat and I didn't want a cat so I said no. But then we ended up with it," said Tamara.

Pearl went missing four weeks ago when the Keeses moved to a new home and left the cat out to explore her new surroundings.

"I thought she was ready to go outside, so I put her outside and thought she'd hang around right there. It wasn't even 15 minutes when I went back out and she was gone," said Tamara.

"I was just like, where is she," said Cameron.

Cameron was devastated. Her family did everything they could to find Pearl. Flyers, knocking on doors, and trips to the humane society were all unsuccessful. However, thanks to a story that aired on KBTX this past Monday, a familiar feline face made an appearance.

"I was just watching TV and I just screamed, MOM," said Cameron.

"We saw Pearl," said Tamara.

"I started crying, I paused it and rewound it like a billion times," said Cameron.

"There were her blue eyes with someone scratching her head and she just looked at us and we said, PEARL," said Tamara.

The cat that had been missing for a month was found. During the story about the Aggieland Humane Society's Name Your Price adoption, Pearl was spotted and getting to the shelter was Cameron's first priority.

"We zoomed over there and she was there," said Cameron.

Now Pearl is back home. Back to getting scratches from her owner, Pearl is starting to shine again.

"She's happy to be home, she's been sleeping a lot and eating a lot," said Tamara.

"I knew we were going to find her, I wasn't worried. But the way we found it was like, WHAT," joked Cameron.

But taking a cat nap out and about in the neighborhood, that's out of the question.

"She isn't going outside for at least a year now," joked Cameron.

This isn't Pearl's first close call. In 2011, Pearl was shot with a 22 by an unknown assailant in New Braunfels. She survived that attack but did lose a claw in the incident.

Tamara plans on writing a book about all of her cats incredibly close encounters and adventures.