Kidnapping Suspect Roamed Streets for Hours Without Public Knowledge

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Police made short work of tracking down an aggravated kidnapping suspect, but didn't notify the public he was roaming the streets until hours after the first attack.

Police said Kenneth Connor attacked a 36-year-old woman as she was jogging along Vienna Drive in College Station around 6:20 Friday morning. She fought back and screamed until her attacker took off.

More than six hours later, still with no notification from police Connor was on the loose, police said he attacked again. This time, police said Connor posed as a maintenance worker to gain access into a 19-year-old victim's apartment in the 500 block of Southwest Parkway in College Station. Once again, Connor proved to be no match for his victim, who fought back until Connor decided to run away, police said.

Police didn't notify the public about the attacks until around 1:30 Friday afternoon.

"When we felt we had enough information, enough verified, accurate information, to give to the public, we immediately began the process to get that information out to the public," said Chuck Fleeger with the College Station Police Department.

Fleeger said it's not enough to notify the public an attacker is on the loose without additional, verified information.

"What is the public going to do with that information?" said Fleeger.

After the first attack, a witness managed to get a license plate number of the alleged attacker.

"We needed to verify vehicle description, suspect description. We were given a license plate. We needed to verify it was a correct license plate," said Fleeger.

Fleeger said they determine how much information to give out and when to give it out on a case per case basis.

Connor was caught Friday afternoon and charged with aggravated kidnapping. He could soon face additional charges.