Kroger to End Double, Triple Coupons Program

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KBTX was notified Thursday that Kroger's double/triple coupon policy discontinuance only applies to the Houston area market. The Bryan-College Station market will continue using the coupon program and will remain unaffected.

Bargain shoppers may not be happy to learn Kroger is discontinuing a popular bonus feature of their coupon program.

Kroger will stop doubling and tripling coupons as of April 13. The store says it can no longer afford the cost.

Most people who shop at Houston Kroger stores don't use coupons, but those who do, say they need to.

"This is bad news, especially now, the economy is tough. Those pennies, nickels, dimes, they mount up," said shopper Larry Ellis.

Nora Kapche, who is also known as the "Coupon Contessa" says Kroger's move could affect the balance of power in the grocery store wars.

"I think it boils down to a loyalty issue, and Kroger has really benefited from customer loyalty in the past, we'll have to see how this plays out," said Kapche.

Kroger said it's doing away with double and triple coupons because it's launching a new deal next month.

"What drove the decision is that it was an opportunity for us to launch a new savings program that will have a much broader reach," said Rebecca King with Kroger.

Kroger unveils its new program on April 13.

Kroger will still honor coupons at face value and encourage customers to visit the store's website for additional coupons.