Kurten Mayor Makes Plea For More Volunteer Firefighters

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Minutes can make a difference in saving life and property as a volunteer firefighter.

But what happens when you don't have enough firefighters?

As more and more people move to the outskirts of Brazos County, the Mayor of Kurten is making a plea for more help.

News 3 discovered why.

It's a situation firefighters are experiencing in rural areas across Texas everyday including right here in Kurten just last Wednesday.

All four people safely escaped from this burning mobile home blaze.

But many of the volunteer firefighters from the closest station in Kurten weren't able to respond.

"A fire can double in size in five minutes," said Gerald Burnett, who is the Chief for Brazos County Precinct 3 Volunteer Fire Department.

Burnett came to assist at last week's fire in Kurten along with other volunteers as well as Bryan and College Station's Departments.

"The overwhelming majority of our volunteers work in the daytime. As a result there is not a lot of response in the daytime," said Burnett.

Kurten Mayor Ronnie Vitulli plans to visit with the Brazos County Judge to look at ways for better fire protection.

He's even considering options to pay for protection if voters would support it.

"I know that the density is not maybe at that point yet, but maybe deciding where to locate new fire stations in the future for maybe Bryan or College Station would they be maybe more on the outskirts of their town," said Mayor Vitulli.

Bobbie Fleitas lives across from the Kurten Fire Station and understands why asking for more help will be hard.

"It''s even harder with it knowing that they have to put their life on the line and do all that stuff for practically nothing. And that's sad, so yeah. Like I say I enjoy them being there," she said.

But the people here appreciate volunteers coming even if it's not always as fast as the community would like.

The Kurten City Council is discussing fire coverage concerns at their meeting starting at 7 P.M. Tuesday at the Kurten Community Center.

20 percent of the city's budget funds their fire department in Precinct 2.

If you're interested in being a volunteer firefighter, we have links to some of the fire departments at the related links section of this story.

Brazos County District 2 Volunteer Fire Department can be contacted at: (979) 589-3263 or info@district2vfd.org

Brazos County Precinct 3 Volunteer Fire Department can be reached at: (979) 776-6430 or administration@pct3vfd.com