Kyle Field Dealing With Bat Infestation

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Thousands of bats are calling The Zone at Kyle Field home, and a local pest control company is trying to get them out.

The Zone at Kyle Field has had Mexican free-tailed bats for years, but now their growing population has become a public health and safety issue.

Texas A&M University called out RP Lee Termite & Pest Control in College Station to get rid of them, but it's being done in a safe way.

For the past three months, crews have been installing netting on over 40,000 square feet at The Bernard C. Richardson Zone at Kyle Field.

"We’re just trying to get it were the bats can’t get back in. We are trying to create an environment where they can get out and escape freely, but they can’t come back in into, underneath the Kyle Field area,” said Dusty Lee with RP Lee Termite & Pest Control.

The company also had to power wash the concrete at The Zone to remove the buildup of bat fecal matter.