Kyle Field Tickets Sold Out for 2015 Football Season

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TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY Aggie football tickets are going fast - so fast that tickets are completely sold out for the 2015 football season at the expanded Kyle Field.

"I have never heard of any program - any new stadium - selling out in the amount of time we have," said 12th Man President and CEO Skip Wagner.

Wagner says they ran out before 264 current season ticket holders got a chance to claim their seats.

Benita Gonzales lives in Houston, and she and her husband have been season ticket holders for eight years. Gonzales says her appointment to buy tickets Wednesday night, but by that point, it was too late.

"It's ridiculous! There's gotta be some kind of loyalty to people who have been there," said Gonzales.

However, the 12th Man Foundation says there's still hope for loyal fans, like Gonzales. That's because season ticket holders who have seats for the 2015 season have only paid a $25 reservation fee so far.

"What we really expect is that we will have some people who will not end up buying tickets that they've already subscribed to," said Wagner.

Wagner says they're also still negotiating the amount of tickets that will go to visiting teams, so some of those tickets could go to Aggie fans.

But Gonzales still has her doubts.

"Its just really disappointing that I can't even trust that. I can't even trust them to say I'm going to take care of you, because they've already said that," said Gonzales.

Gonzales says she hopes the 12th Man Foundation does the right thing, because she'll take any tickets they send her way.

The 12th Man Foundation says they should know if more tickets will become available to current season ticket holders in the next couple weeks. However, they do not expect any general admission tickets to go on sale for the 2015 football season.