LaSalle Hotel Being Sold By Bryan

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Changes are coming to another Bryan-owned building downtown; the 85-year-old LaSalle hotel.

The city has owned the building for years, but now it has a buyer for the boutique hotel.

It's checkout time for Joe and Jerri Whitley at Downtown Bryan's LaSalle Hotel.

"This is our second time to stay here. Kind of discovered it by accident and maybe that is really a nice little hotel and just kind of thing that we like to stay in," said Joe Whitley.

The next time they stay here the 55-room LaSalle Hotel will likely not be owned by the City of Bryan but someone else.

Bryan purchased the property in 2001 for $1.2 million when it was in foreclosure.

The City of Bryan has accepted a bid and contract for the sale of the LaSalle Hotel, but further details on that are not being released just yet.

Bryan Deputy City Manager Joey Dunn says they will likely close the sale next week. Details on the sales price will be released after closing.

"They are a local buyer and will do amazing things to the hotel that we understand. They'll continue the quality of operating a boutique hotel in Downtown Bryan," said Dunn.

As for the Whitleys, they say Bryan buying the LaSalle was a good investment.

"So we intend to come back here every time we have the opportunity," said Joe Whitley.

And there will be plenty of opportunities as the hotel will remain open no matter who owns it.

So far the city is not releasing the name of the buyer, but the company is called LS Hotel, Limited Liability Corporation.