Second Manziel Heisman Bid Lacks Hype of First

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COLLEGE STATION- Call it superstition, nerves or resignation, but one thing is clear: Manziel mania is not what it was a year ago.

This year, there is no official Texas A&M University watch party for the Heisman hopeful because as one A&M official told News 3, "they didn't feel as if it was necessary."

"This year I think it would actually be more of a surprise if he wins it," said Dallas Ship, the director of marketing and communications for Aggieland Outfitters. They held a Heisman watch party last year, but aren't planning on holding another one this time around because the outcome is uncertain.

Now fans are quietly holding their breath until the announcement is made on Saturday. "I just think people are already used to him winning once and are just down about the way the season turned out," said A&M student Jonathan Narramore.

Narramore created a Facebook page encouraging Manziel to stay in Aggieland another year. Since it began in November, Manziel mania has flooded his page and support for the player has poured in by the thousands, but even though social media is supporting No. 2, the Aggie isn't sure Johnny Football will take home the trophy again.

"I think some people don't think he's going to win it, but I still think there's a small chance he could pull an upset, so we'll see," Narramore said.

Whether he wins it again or comes up short, the 12th Man is ready to stand by Johnny Football's side...just not ready to stand at a big watch party.