Lake Somerville in Fair Condition Heading into Summer Months

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LAKE SOMERVILLE, BURLESON COUNTY A hot Father's Day weekend is on tap. Lake Somerville is two feet below normal. The Army Corps of Engineers say that's about the same place the lake was last year.

Other lakes across Texas aren't doing so great. Lake Conroe is down 2 feet as well. Lake Travis is still hurting from the 20-11 drought. It's down 52 feet this year.

With the rising temperatures, many folks are flocking to local lakes for some fun. After the drought of 2011, many businesses and boaters at Lake Somerville are taking advantage before the summer sets in.

When it comes to fishing, the earlier on the water, the better.

"Business has been good so far," says Solon Carver. His marina has a lakeside view of how the drought affected Lake Somerville.

"It was sad. The actual back of the marina was sitting on land," he continued.

"We had to lay all our employees off and work it ourselves. For the first time since we owned it, we had to close it down Monday through Thursday."

Carver's owned the marina for 11 years. The last couple have been his hardest.

"It was very close. We just almost lost it," Caver remembers.

"We're back in the that pattern, where we were back in 2011, when the lake dropped 10 and a half feet," says Emmitt Attaway, with the Army Corps of Engineers. They maintain the lake.

"If we have to release more down stream for down stream purposes then that could put us back in that mode," said Attaway.

"We've missed quite a few of the rains. It's kind of steadied a bit. Now that the summer drought, the heat coming on, the lake level is going to start dropping again," said Attaway.

Something that boaters and businesses are dreading.