Last Minute Christmas Shoppers Pack Local Businesses

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It's the time of year for giving, receiving -- and last minute shopping.
Across town Christmas Eve, shoppers packed stores, trying to grab gifts for loved ones. If you still haven't made it out - you still have time, and some places are still open -- but not for too much longer.

The late shopping rush is sort of a Christmas tradition of its own. Post Oak mall was packed a day before Christmas - shopping for the usual people.

"My mom, sister and my two sons," a shopper said.

For the usual reasons.

"I do it every year. I say I'm not going to."

But for many shoppers this Christmas Eve - the experience was better than expected.

"It doesn't seem to be as bad as I thought it could have been," said one shopper.

Keneth Workman made it a family event - he says his job kept him from getting any shopping done before now - but the experience has been great.

"This year's nice and calm and quiet. I like this," said Keneth Workman.

That holiday cheer was contagious.

"A lot of Merry Christmases,” said a shopper.

Randi Anderson with the Mule Barn Boutique says the stress of the holidays doesn't seem to be showing in the faces of her customers.

"Oh they're really nice. Especially around the holidays,” said Anderson.

And stores like Kay's Jewelers agree - procrastination is good for business.

"It's pretty hectic. A bunch of people come in and want to get their last minute gifts."

Toys R Us is open until 9 Christmas Eve, but closed tomorrow. Walgreens is open until midnight Christmas Eve - and from 8 a.m. to 6 Christmas day. CVS is also open until midnight tonight - and tomorrow from 10 am to 8 p.m. HEB will close tonight at 8, and is closed all day Christmas.

Kroger will shut down at 9 Christmas Eve, and they're also closed all day Christmas. And for all you last minute shoppers - a word of advice from a fellow procrastinator. "Have fun and kind of watch your spending. Don't over spend too much," said a shopper.