Latest Cold Snap Brings Record Temperatures to the Brazos Valley

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A strong cold front entered the Brazos Valley Sunday, bringing some of the coldest air the Brazos Valley has experienced since February 2011. Record lows were recorded Monday -- along with very cold afternoon daytime highs.

Record Tying Cold Morning

1970 held the lone record for being the coldest January 6th on hand for Bryan / College Station -- until Monday.

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Monday proved to be almost an exact carbon copy of this day back in 1970, as well. To start, a 44 year old record low was officially tied at 8:24 Monday morning, with Easterwood Airport reporting 21°.

The coldest daytime high (Record Low Max) for January 6th was set back in 1970, as well -- temperatures only "warmed" to 33°. While close, the official thermometer at the airport clicked up to 34° mid-Monday afternoon.

Regardless of records, it was a very cold day for Bryan / College Station and the Brazos Valley. The average temperature -- calculated between Monday's official low and high -- sat at 27.5°. Normally the high and low is expected to be 60° and 41°, respectfully, on January 6th -- which averages to 50.5°.

Another Bitter Cold Night Leads To "Near Record" Lows for Tuesday Morning

As winds calmed down overnight into Tuesday morning, the cold / dry air mass sat still over the Brazos Valley allowing for clear skies and temperatures to plunge into the upper teens / lower 20s for most of the area. This prompted another Hard Freeze Warning to be issued for most of the Brazos Valley Monday night through Tuesday morning.

Due to temperatures officially reaching into the teens at Easterwood Airport, this morning was the coldest temperature recorded since February 2nd, 2011. The official temperature fell to 19° that day, with a recorded high of 32° and light snow flurries reported.

While no records were reached or broken Tuesday morning, that honor goes to a long standing, 102 year old record set back in 1912 at 15°.

The thermometer will need to monitored -- should the sky clear a bit quicker than anticipated, temperatures could vary by a few degrees for the colder.

From Unseasonable Cold to Unseasonable Warmth

If you are not a fan of this Arctic air invasion, blink and we'll be back to warmer weather later in the week.

Southerly winds return on Tuesday, starting a slow warming trend in the Brazos Valley. Afternoon highs are expected to reach the low 70s by Friday afternoon -- touting a decent chance for widespread rain with it.