Law Enforcement Ending Search for Man in Millican, Suspect Not Found

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BRAZOS COUNTY Several law enforcement agencies are wrapping up their search in the Millican area of Brazos County.

The man they were looking for, identified as Thomas Whetfield of Navasota, has not been found.

Deputies say the search was called off because Whetfield is not a threat to the public.

However a warrant will be issued for his arrest.

Tuesday morning, Brazos County law enforcement started looking for Whetfield after he ran away from an officer during a traffic stop.

Brazos County Sheriff's Deputies say Whetfield was driving a car with a pregnant woman inside. She was going into labor when authorities stopped them. Whetfield, who was driving, ran away. The woman was taken to a local hospital.

A helicopter was called to the area to help search for Whetfield.

Deputies say Whetfield has a previous warrant out of Grimes County for evading arrest.