Lawmakers to Consider Rights of Ticket Holders

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AUSTIN, Texas -- When a Texan buys a concert ticket, is it a license to have a great time or does it become personal property that can be sold or traded?

Texas lawmakers plan to take up the question. They could determine how tickets for concerts, sports or any other major event are sold, resold or even taken away.

Some promoters would like them to work like airline tickets, where the purchaser's ID card serves as an electronic ticket and they are non-transferrable.

Texas lawmakers, though, pride themselves on property rights and free markets, and they are considering a bill that would ban the ticket seller from stopping the resale or transfer of the ticket, limiting the price the ticket holder can charge for it or requiring an ID to use the ticket.

Chris Tomlinson is the AP's supervisory correspondent in Austin, responsible for state government and political reporting in Texas.