Leon Co. Accused Child Molester Arrested in Denver, Fighting Extradition

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An accused child molester that U-S Marshal's arrested in Denver, Colorado last week is fighting extradition back to Texas.

We first told you last week how 55-year-old Steven McAdams was captured by U.S. Marshal's while staying at the International Hostel in Denver. The search for McAdams began about two weeks prior to his arrest after learning he may have fled to Colorado.

We're told McAdams, who only has one arm and has been receiving Social Security disability benefits, was being tracked by his government assistance information and was ultimately located after U.S. marshals learned he had applied for a Colorado identification card. According to Harris County court records, McAdams was convicted of murder in 1980 and spent time in prison for homicide.

Investigators say McAdams is arrested for the continuous sexual assault of a seven-year-old child under the age of ten in the Centerville area in Leon County.