Liberty County Sheriff's Office Investigates Reports of 'Red Fire Balls in the Sky'

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DAISETTA, Texas – The Sheriff’s Office made several inquiries to various agencies after residents and deputies reported seeing several unidentified flying objects in the sky Saturday night over eastern Liberty County.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office received a call at about 8:30 p.m. from a concerned resident, who reported seeing “red fire balls in the sky” near the city of Daisetta.

Deputies responded to a call, and when they arrived, saw four orange-colored lights traveling southwest at an estimated altitude of 3,000 feet. At least 12 other residents observed the same sightings.

Deputies said that the objects appeared in a loose line of about 10 miles apart from the first light to the last one.

After looking through a spotting scope, the lights appeared to be balloons with a fire located beneath them similar to a hot air balloon although no gondola or basket could be seen below the balloon-shaped objects, deputies said.

Slowly the lights began to disappear one by one, deputies said. The objects apparently disappeared into the clouds.

Deputies contacted several agencies in regards to the lights seeking any knowledge of the existence.

The Houston office of the FAA was contacted, but they were unable to shed any light upon the reported sightings.

The Regional Operations Center in Ft. Worth was contacted, but they had no knowledge of the sightings. They suggested contacting the National Weather Bureau for any weather balloons they may have launched, but they had nothing to add as well.

The sheriff’s office said they also contacted the Houston Weather Bureau, and they reported that they do release two weather balloons per day, but the time, location and large number of balloons reported does not match up with anything they do.

The sheriff’s office was referred to the UFO National Reporting Center in Spokane, Wash. The sheriff’s office was advised that similar sightings in Florida had been reported last week and could possibly be what is described as “sky lanterns” that are released during various celebrations.

However, even these “sky lanterns” are usually not released in such large numbers as was reported in this incident, deputies said.

The sheriff’s office asks that if anyone has any information as to the source of these objects or reported sightings of these same lights, that they contact them at (936) 336-4500. Names of reporting individuals will be kept confidential.