Life in Prison After Guilty Plea in Navasota Store Owner's Murder

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ANDERSON - The man who Navasota authorities believe pulled the trigger in the murder of a store clerk in 2009 has pleaded guilty and will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Friday, Grimes County District Attorney Tuck McLain announced Christopher Boulds' guilty plea to the capital murder charge from the July 2009 killing of Don Stolz in his Navasota convenience store during a robbery.

A week ago, Boulds' lookout during the robbery, Joshua Ragston, was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

According to McLain, Boulds, 28, underwent treatment at the Rusk State Hospital due to mental issues, but it had been determined that he was competent to stand trial. McLain said he consulted with the Stolz family about potential legal hurdles that may never been cleared if Boulds were to be sentenced to death for the capital murder. If Boulds were to discontinue medication, there would be a possibility that he would not be competent for execution.

“I explained that, in exchange for a recommendation of life without parole, Boulds would waive his right to a competency trial, his right to a jury trial, and his right to any appeals," McLain said in a press release. "After discussion amongst themselves, the family agreed that they would be satisfied with a sentence of life without possibility of parole. As a result of their agreement and my evaluation of the merits of the case, we agreed to the plea”

Boulds made a 2012 9-1-1 call admitting involvement in the murder which led to the arrests of Boulds and Ragston, 22.

“I’m happy with the result" McLain added in his statement. "Christopher Boulds will never be free again and the family gets a resolution to this horrible part of their lives. There was a point in this case where I doubted we would ever arrest anyone for this crime. Fortunately, the tenacity of Mike Mize and Travis Higginbotham, the case was solved and those responsible were locked up.”