Bryan Fire And Police Departments Simulate Rescue Missions

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Officials say local fire and police departments and about a dozen other civilian agencies came together to create a search and mission exercise.

Victims were camped out in different areas around Lake Bryan and agencies worked together to rescue them.

A Blinn College student volunteered as a victim.

" I just had a head wound it wasn't anything too big, it was more just like of a laceration, a scrap type of thing,"Jose Montalvo, volunteer.

But a real life situation would be much different thing.

"Just kind of not knowing when you're gonna get picked even if you're going to get picked up. We were out there for about five hours trying to occupy ourselves and really almost kinda stay sane," Montalvo.

Canine searchers were on the scene. Responders were also on foot, and mounted by horse back. Water operations looked for evidence in the lake and helicopters surveyed the area.

If someone is stuck in a real life situation, volunteers say its best to make any food and water last.

" As bad as it sounds almost kind of make yourself at home know where everything is at know if you have to describe where you're at just keep an eye on everything," said Montalvo.

It was six hours of training that emergency responders received this weekend to be prepared for something that could happen at any time.