Local Airports Preparing For Football Fans Flying In For Weekend

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BRYAN, Texas The Alabama versus Texas A&M Football Game in College Station has local airports gearing up for what likely be the busiest weekend of the football season for general aviation.

At Coulter Airfield in Bryan, staff are already taking reservations for planes and private jets this weekend.

It's still somewhat of the calm before the storm of planes this weekend with Easterwood Airport and Coulter Airfield preparing to handle all the football fans flying in.

But it was a busy day at Easterwood Airport with the biggest matchup of the Aggie Football season just a few days away. Fans will be arriving soon.

Dozens of Alabama and Aggie Fans will be coming to town by propeller plane and even private jet.

"The couple that have called in are little twin engine jets but mostly we're going to see a lot of these little planes," said James Brown, the Airport Manager at Coulter Airfield in Bryan .

Brown says six to seven planes have already made reservations this week and more are on the way.

"We are expecting a more than normal crowd and that's why you know we're going to be kind of all hands on deck. And you know we'll be here to provide service to anybody that comes out," said Brown.

While Easterwood Airport will receive the bulk of air traffic, Coulter is expected to serve as the overflow place to park.

"In the next couple days we're going to be moving a lot of these aircraft, tightening 'em up and opening up more parking... They'll have a nice parking spot close and everything like that," said Brown.

A B-25 Bomber and two P-51 planes that will be doing Saturday's flyover for the game will also be landing at Coulter Airfield for the weekend Friday.