Local Allergist offers relief

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Ragweed is raging..were in a Brazos Valley geographic depression, meaning the pollen sinks down, stays in this area and circulates.

"I cant even go to the dog park without me having problems complaining, I can't breathe and sneezing constantly, it's pretty bad," said Lake McMillian, Allergy patient.

Lake McMillian lives with dogs, but the dogs are the root of her allergy problems.

"They said either the dogs or I get the shot so I got the shot," said McMillian.

Most of the allergies are in the air, whether from dust, pollen, grass or trees. And they come in through the nose and eyes.

When allergies become unbearable, patients come to Allergy Associates to get a check up.

Patients with Allergy Associates are at the severe end of the spectrum. The first step is finding out what people are allergic to with a skin test; the nurse writes down the allergens that will be tested and puts a small drop next to the area on the skin. When pressed down it punctures the skin and a reaction appears as a red bump, which shows how allergic someone is.

At the end of the day there's a clear cut choice.

"You have to avoid what your allergic to as best you can and maybe that's not get rid of the cat or the dog maybe it's put the cat or dog outside or in the laundry room," said Dr. Barry Paull, Allergy specialist.

Avoidance is key, but you can't avoid the elements all of the time. So if it gets to that level, treatment can help clear up those daily struggles.