Local Bikers Hit the Road for 9-11 Memorial Ride

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"It was a sad day for America during that time,” explained Bryan resident and biker, Luis Ayala.

It's been 12 years...

"It's a day we'll never forget because the enemy had taken the fight to us,” said Michael Silcio.

No matter who you are, just about every person who is old enough to remember can tell you where they were and what they were doing on the day terrorists attacked America.

"I was down in West Fredericksburg, West Virginia and I was an 18-wheeler driver at the time,” explained retired navy veteran and biker, Jim Wallace. “ I was a t my unloading station and I was asleep because I had gotten there that night and the next morning there was a truck driver beating on my door telling me we were under attack.”

At the time I was going taking some classed at a community college in Louisiana and I get a call from my mom,” explained Michael Silcio. She told me to turn on the news and I just couldn't believe it, I thought it was a scene from a movie; it was just too surreal to be happening.”

"At the time I was going taking some classes at a community college in Louisiana and I get a call from my mom,” Silcio said.

For these men and women who gathered at the Harley Davidson Dealership in College Station -- the anniversary of September 11th is a day to honor the fallen;

"They're just like us. They were busy that day. We were busy that day,” Wallace said.

It's a day to reflect.

"I remember when the towers came down. Nobody expected it,” Wallace said.

And it’s also a time to ride to pay their respects.

The bikers were escorted by the Brazos County Constables and Sheriff's deputies where they'd end up for a celebration at Veteran's Park. The days following the attack, ordinary people chose duty in the face of death. Cory Matthews, the Assistant EMS Chief of Bryan Fire Department, was one of them.

"I remember the felling that I had when I saw the pile of rubble that was once the twin towers of the world trade center,” said Matthews in a speech. "I was angered. The terrorist chose to attack innocent civilians in an attempt to break our spirit. They failed. Their attack made us more determined and stronger. Since 9/11 I have deployed twice as a member of the Texas National Guard; once to Kosovo and once to Iraq. During both deployments I witnessed the strength and resolve from the American soldiers. I saw that strength and resolve mirrored from other soldiers from other countries. Our soldiers have fought bravely and given the ultimate sacrifice to defend the U.S. from those that wanted to see her fall."

Those listening say Matthews' speech say it was a blessing and a reminder to give thanks for another day.

“I think God that we live in peace out here because of them,” said Ayala.

This is the 12th year the Harley Davidson Dealership has organized the 9/11 Memorial Ride.