Local Boston Marathon Runner Describes Horrific Experience

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A local Boston Marathon runner is back home and talking about the tragedy he and his wife experienced firsthand.

Dr. Haywood Robinson says he was just a half mile away from the finish line when the first bomb exploded, but his wife, Dr. Noreen Johnson, was just yards away from where the second bomb exploded.

After a long day’s journey in airports and planes, Dr. Robinson and his wife were finally home.

He's participated in the Boston Marathon at least 10 times, but this one, for obvious reason, was different.

"It was just one of those surreal experiences where you see evil at an event that is so special,” said Dr. Robinson.

He was half a mile away from the finish line, and says he saw runners slowing down.

"I am looking around and wondering what is going on. I thought there might be an injured runner on the road,” said Dr. Robinson.

The first bomb had gone off. The second one exploded near the Lenox Hotel. His wife, Dr. Noreen Johnson happened to be across the street from the hotel.

The second bomb was just a few yards away.

"I've never seen anything so horrific in my life and I am a physician so I see blood and gore,” said Dr. Johnson.

In the dense crowd, what the couple calls a miracle happened.

"It was just a God thing that we just ran into each other. It was such a relief,” said Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Haywood didn't finish the race, but plans to next year.

"I will be back because I will not live in fear. I will not allow terrorism to limit my freedom and liberty,” said Dr. Robinson.

The Boston Marathon is more than 100 years old, and the couple hopes The 2014 Boston Marathon is the biggest and best one yet.

Dr. Robinson did not get a medal, but today the Boston Marathon runners who returned to the downtown area to pick up bags with their belongings, received their medals for participating in the race.