Local Builders See High Demand For Land

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New homes are popping up in a lot of places in the Bryan- College Station area as more and more people move in. However, with all of the new buildings going up, builders say available land has become harder to find. Now the Bryan-College Station Home Builders Association say there are some concerns about future expansion.

"Man it is just a really exciting time," said Michael Schaefer, president of the Bryan-College Station Homebuilders Association.

Bryan-College Station has always been seen as a sleepy college town, but that stigma has been changing; some might say drastically. Schaefer said the new housing boom is bringing in young families and attracting retirees.

"They've made Bryan-College Station a place, a destination location," Schaefer said.

Schaefer said people are attracted to the living here because of the low cost of living, new employment opportunities the Texas A&M System Biocorridor, plus the healthcare facilities being built.

But being apart of the South Eastern Conference hasn't hurt business either. "I think you'd be naive if you said Johnny Football didn't have an impact on the construction here," Schaefer said.

With families young and old starting to retire, Schaefer said he is concerned about the amount of available land to build on.

"Most of the builders I talk to are running at full capacity," said Schaefer.

Developers are not able to get the lots on the ground right now as fast as they need them, and it will cause costs to go up.

"I think as you see the surge in population, you are seeing construction prices go up, but the most important thing you are seeing is land values go up too to build the houses," Schaefer said.

It's all leading the Home Builders Association and city leaders into preliminary talks on how best to deal with more people and less land. The answers aren't quite clear yet, but all parties involved are determined to help the twin cities become much more than what used to be a sleepy little college town.

"I still think the next two years are looking very promising for the Bryan- College Station area," Schaefer said.