Local Business Holds Donation Drive for Victims of West Explosion

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It had the force of a 2.1 magnitude earthquake.

“I was watching the news last [Wednesday] night and all of the video coming in from West and I was just heartbroken,” explained Dallas Shipp of Aggieland Outfitters. “And for a small community like that I can't imagine a much worse case scenario.”

The horrifying devastation impacted communities near and far. As rescue efforts continue in West, here in the Brazos Valley, relief efforts began early Thursday morning in the pouring rain.

“The people in West aren't able to take care of the people in West, I mean everyone is in this together,” added Shipp. “We’re accepting everything from clothing, medical supplies, non-perishable items, diapers, baby wipes, and cots.”

Aggieland Outfitters came in full force setting up a donation drive in the parking lot of Post Oak Mall Thursday morning. Within a matter of 30 minutes an entire U-Haul was filled with clothing, bottled water and non-perishable items for the victims, families and first responders affected in West.

"We heard what was going on in the news and we went to the grocery store and then came here,” said 12-year-old B/CS resident Michael Lafoy.

“The people of Bryan/ College Station and all over Texas, but especially B/CS;” said Shipp.
“Everyone here has such a big heart and honestly it will get busier as the day goes on”

“Aggies are unique in their capacity to always be ready to respond with open arms and open hearts; it's just what Aggies It’s just what aggies do,” said volunteer Dion McInnis.