Local Christmas Tree Farm Thriving this Holiday Season

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One local Christmas tree farm says its business is booming. Production and sales are up following a devastating 2011 drought. But one local tree farm is has recovered and is busier than they've been in years.

Christmas trees might be seasonal -- but for the ones who make a living growing them -- it's a year-round business.

“First you plant your trees and then you keep your trees free of weeds, and that type of stuff so they grow; and then you have to spray, mow and trim," explained Kelumac Tree Farm Owner Keith McDaniel.

And after 22 years of a thriving business and surviving one heck of a drought season, Keith McDaniel says business is looking' good this year.

"I think it was 2011 that I lost a lot of seedlings and a few oak trees and that's about it,” said McDaniel. “A lot of farms are recovering now so they're getting a lot of growth especially the last two years -- especially this year.”

The tree farm in Bryan sees thousands of new and familiar faces each year, and Wednesday morning the Kelumac Tree Farm hosted nearly a dozen pre-k students from Brazos Christian School.

“We cut the tree down and we bring it back to school and it's our whole grammar school Christmas tree and the other grades bring their ornaments that they've made and they can put them on the tree themselves,” said Brazos Christian School Pre-k Teacher Shelley Thomas.

Thomas says it's important to support local businesses and the outing also brings kids and families together to create new memories for such a special time of year.

“It smells good and it's natural and the kids have a good time with something that's from the environment; it's not something that's plastic and stored in the attic all year,” Thomas said.

The Kelumac Tree Farm says it has sold 150 Christmas trees since Thanksgiving.

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