Local Church Hosts Fine Arts Camp

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COLLEGE STATION - The fine arts have proven to be a crucial component of a child's development. One local church remains committed to that development.

One hundred kids and dozens of Volunteers coming together for Camp Narnia, a local fine arts camp hosted at Christ United Methodist Church.

"They are investing their lives in the fine arts and I get to see that every day," said Jaime Rocha, the camp's director.

"We really enjoy this time because these kids are able to invest, not only in fine arts, but in learning lessons, in learning about, about God, about what they do, and investing in lifelong relationships with other kids," Rocha said.

For the past decade, kids have been coming.

"It's grown throughout the years. We actually have this year over 65 percent of our children here are not from this church," Rocha said.

They spend the week producing the show themselves.

"We're doing the props, sets, costumes, we're doing the whole nine yards," said JC, one of the campers. "I actually wanted to come here because I like Charlotte's Web and it's actually a really cool thing to do."

And have their favorite parts...

"When we pretend stuff...actually when we paint stuff," said Trinity, also a camper.

Their motto is simple...

"The kids know that when they come to camp, they're safe, they're loved, they're important."

They can't do it alone.

"We have volunteers who come back from year to year," said Volunteer Coordinator Mickey Ohlendorf. "These children, these campers, are supported by all age groups."