Local Clubs Decorate BCS to Celebrate July 4th

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College Station - At dawn's early light...

The Bryan Noon Lions club sets out across Bryan and college station.
…for Old Glory.

"The Lions club is...the motto is 'we serve' and so it's an opportunity to give back to the community," said club member Steve Duncan.

Flags Over Brazos...It's a tradition that happens for each of the five patriotic holidays throughout the year.

"We display a couple of thousand flags five times a year," said Kay Dobbins, also a member.

For everyone...

"We hope that by putting these flags out, they will at least understand how precious our freedom is. It's not free."

They're one of many local organizations that does it.

"We kind of have a gentlemen's agreement about that."

So they can stay out of each other's way.

"The price is the same no matter where you go"

It's a great cause. And not just to celebrate our nation's freedom.

"We use the funds to put back into the community for different programs," Duncan said.

At the end of the day...they remove the flags.

"No flag is supposed to be in the dark," Dobbins said.

Just in time...for the rockets' red glare.