Local Families Aboard Crippled Cruise Ship Speak Out

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For at least a dozen of the more than 4,000 on board the crippled cruise ship Carnival Triumph, home is the Brazos Valley.

Now that they're close enough to land cell phone towers we're talking to passengers from this area and seeing pictures of what some are describing as deplorable conditions.

"We have had to wait in line for four hours for food. It's gross. The spirits are low especially because we can see land but not get to it,” said Jeannie Kipp, the wife of the Director of Texas A&M's Singing Cadets, David Kipp.

Kipp is aboard the crippled cruise ship Carnival Triumph along with David. There are 4 other families from College Station aboard the ship.

"We have kind of had to pull together. Laugh together, cry together,” said Kipp. “No toilets working. None. Things are flowing back up the toilets and over…They have had helicopters dropping us food. I guess that part is safe, but it's cold hamburger buns and mystery meat."

The cruise line said it would give each passenger $500, a free flight home, a full refund for their trip as well as a credit for another cruise.

Kipp's response to that compensation was one word- ridiculous.

The ship is expected to dock sometime later tonight.

After this cruise ship incident, the company says the Triumph won't host vacationing passengers until at least mid-April.