Bryan Family Meets Two Potential Diabetic Alert Dogs For Eight-Year-Old Daughter

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A Bryan family raising money for a Diabetic Alert Dog for their eight-year-old daughter is one step closer to owning a life saving service dog.

Libby Stewart, who has Type 1 Diabetes, took a trip up to Dallas this past weekend to with her family to submit the down payment for their future service dog, a $21,000 installment. The family also got to meet two potential Diabetic Alert Dogs before they go into special training for a year. The service dogs will be in training until doctors know which dog will be a "perfect fit" for Libby.

These service dogs are specially trained to detect up to 30 minutes before the insulin level drops, or rises too quickly; offering time for Libby to get immediate medial help. These life saving service dogs cost a lot of money, about $28,000. The community has jumped in to help, which allowed Libby's family to quickly submit their down payment. For that, the Bryan family said they are humbled by the show of support from the community.

Libby is not able to own the dog until the service dog is fully paid for. They still need about $5,000 to be able to own the alert dog. The family has set a fund up at Wells Fargo. Donation sites are also available online.

Wells Fargo acct.# 7998204148