Local Former NFL Members React to New Agreement

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The confusion from the Seattle Seahawks and Greenbay Packers game left the fans in a football frenzy.

Former NFL referee, Red Cashion felt sorry for the temps...

"The time it takes to develop the knowledge of the rules and the skills to be a professional official corresponds very closely to the time and skills of the players. And you're not gonna just walk out there even though you've officiated a high school or a junior college game," said Red Cashion.

After three weeks of bad calls from replacement referees the National Football League officials and referees came to a compromise.

Former NFL player, Hunter Goodwin knows all about the physical game of football.

"Your career at that level can end with one hit. Not having refs out there to call the right calls you could end someone's career," said Hunter Goodwin.

From a former referee to an NFL player Hunter along with all the fans out there are happy that the game is finally back on track.

"I would expect to be getting hugs tonight when they return to the sidelines because you know I think after seeing how bad thing ... you sometimes forget that they're human beings and they're out doing the best job they can and I think the coaches are going to be exuberant to have the real guys back and be much more appreciative," Hunter Goodwin.

Now that the regular referees are back on the field, the eyes of the nation and the NFL will be closely watching.