Local Fundraiser Goes to the Dogs for a Good Cause

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COLLEGE STATION - Today was for the dogs at the Top Paw Pet Spa, all for a good cause.

The spa would have been closed for the holiday this weekend, but the owner, Misty Reed, kept her doors open and proceeds from today's washes and raffle will go to medical expenses Sarah Bailey.

Sarah passed out at a restaurant earlier this month and hit her head in the process, breaking her neck. She will be a quadriplegic for the rest of her life.

Sarah's friend and former roommate, Rebecca St. Germain, is glad to help out someone who would do, and has done, the same for others.

"Her older dog, Faith, is actually a therapy dog, she goes and visits hospitals I mean Sarah is such a wonderful person, she was doing everything she could with her dogs."

Sarah's dogs that used to help others will now be trained to assist her daily needs. That training, in addition to the cost of their maintenance, will partially be covered by today's event.